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9 Common Misconceptions About Black Feminism

I dedicate this blog to Black feminism because it is the lens through which I do my work. Frequently, the work includes facing criticism or curiosity from those who do… Read more »


Black Feminist Digest: 5 Articles on Black Women and Sex Work

Black women face stereotypes like the Jezebel that paint them as hypersexual. One arena that this affects Black women is in sex work. This stereotype affects Black women’s daily lives… Read more »

#SayHerName: Social Media Activism & Violence Against Black Women

My second venture into social media data analysis started with [#SayHerName ]data also collected by MITH. Kimberlé Crenshaw, known for her work on [intersectionality], started #SayHerName due to the lack of focus on violence against Black women in the current movement for Black lives.

Black Feminist Digest: 5 Articles on Black Women & #BlackLivesMatter

Black women have long played a role in antiracist social movements. This includes #BlackLivesMatter, which began under the leadership of three Black women – Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrice… Read more »

Black Feminist Digest: 5 Articles on Black Women’s Activism

At the level of community, black feminist organizing makes use of alternative resources to create new spaces for marginalized groups. Internationally, black feminism acknowledges that the struggle of racial minorities in the U.S. occurs in tandem with people of color in a global context

Ida B. Wells

A Brief History of Black feminism

Black feminism aims to empower Black women with new and on critical ways of thinking that centered how racism and sexism worked together to create Black women’s social issues and inequalities.


Shades of Black: Nuances of Race in #BlackLivesMatter

This past weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago for the first time to visit my best friend. In between attending a Rihanna concert and shopping on the… Read more »